1. Congrats to our first Spotlight Story winner - Meg! Find out how you can enter next month.

  2. 3 weeks away from the finale, 'Boy Band' is getting closer to the final five members with Break Up Week!

  3. Week 6 of 'Boy Band' will have two of the boys going home! See who is in what group during Soundtrack week.

  4. Nick Carter was among the long list of A-List attendees attending the celebration for the opening of LA's...

  5. Nick along with his co-Boy Band Architect Emma Bunton chat about Boy Band in new interviews!

  6. Who will stay and who will go when the new groups take on old classics?

  7. How is going LIVE going to change the game? Find out!

  8. Nick recently spoke with Us Weekly to talk about Boy Band, his goals for the new BSB album and more!

  9. Nick appears on 'LIVE with Kelly and Ryan' ahead of week 3 of 'Boy Band' - catch the highlights!

  10. Calling all Fan Club members! We want you to share your stories with other fans in an even bigger way

  11. Nick visited Good Morning America today to talk about ABC's new show Boy Band!

  12. Nick is taking over the city of dreams to talk about the new show that will jumpstart the dreams of a few young men...

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