1. April42383 avatar

    On Jan 8, 2012, April42383 said:

    where were you born? Nick:)

  2. KimTheKaotic avatar

    On Dec 23, 2011, KimTheKaotic said:

    Jenny that is so rude of you. Havent you heard the saying, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all"? He said he wanted to make a song where people can dance with and have a good time. Like a nice club song. There are so many worse songs out there....if you're gonna be on this site, why don't you support him instead of bash him? Why pay to even be on here if you're not really a fan? That's what I would like to know...and just because he changed his life around does not mean he has to be sheltered and never go out. Some fans I swear, they take every little word he takes takes to the maximum. *smh*

  3. Cristal Thibault avatar

    On Dec 22, 2011, Cristal Thibault said:

    i saw the interview on youtube

  4. jennyontheblock avatar

    On Dec 20, 2011, jennyontheblock said:

    I find it ironic that Nick claims to have quit drinking and smoking weed. On the Dr.Phil show he sang a song in his new album about drinking and picking up someone at the bar. I personally think that if you claim to turn your life around you would avoid the substances that you have abused. Instead of being a good role model Nick is teaching this generation of young people that it is cool to go to the bar and let go of all responsibilities. Pick someone up in the process and that opens the door to sex and S.T.D.s. I think that it is good that Nick has the self control to quit substance abuse!!! but please Nick put you money where your mouth is!!!!

  5. kari-lyn avatar

    On Dec 19, 2011, kari-lyn said:

    So glad to see u back& doin good Nick,u know we've met &actually hung out back in the day we have a mutual friend ,I won't mentioned. Her name but its was when we were young & dumb...lol...ive been sober 4 ,2 yrs myself! Keep up doin what ur doin! U look great!

  6. Thebomb avatar

    On Dec 19, 2011, Thebomb said:

    So glad u back nick:)I love u since I was 10.keep it up

  7. Sisters-Angel & Lizzie avatar

    On Dec 17, 2011, Sisters-Angel & Lizzie said:

    Already set my dvr. I will be working in the mornign but as soon as I get on break will watch it! :)

  8. Smashley Nicole avatar

    On Dec 16, 2011, Smashley Nicole said:

    I'm watching it! I'll be on vacation from school...so stoked! :)

  9. sofdlovesbsb avatar

    On Dec 16, 2011, sofdlovesbsb said:

    hopefully someone uploads it to youtube when it's done as I'm working.

  10. Crystal avatar

    On Dec 16, 2011, Crystal said:

    im watching it!

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