"Easy" ft. Jimmie Allen - Dropping 2.11.22!

Sun, Jan 16, 2022 at 4:00 PM by User
"Easy" ft. Jimmie Allen - Dropping 2.11.22!
It's been a hot minute since Nick released his last solo single, "80s Movie". Since then, there has only been one question on fans' minds - when will there be more solo music?

The answer is finally here! While Nick has been in and out of the recording studio over the past two years, treating fans to peeks behind the scenes of the production process and listening parties (which you can rewatch on his Twitch channel), he has now announced a date for the new single to drop. 

"Easy", featuring country artist Jimmie Allen, will be released on February 11th to all major digital music platforms. Nick will also be doing promo for the song so stay tuned for when and where you can hear him.

For now, you can pre-save the song here - it's EASY! 

  1. On Feb 11, 2022, Becwal01 said:

    The song is mint... I'm obsessed with it ???? I can't get enough of its catchy tune and totally love the guitar notes. It's been along time coming for a new song from you nick, and was well worth the wait ? perfect for valentines day ??

  2. On Feb 5, 2022, Judy Stanley said:

    I can't wait!

  3. On Feb 5, 2022, acame003 said:

    OMG I can not wait! :)

  4. On Feb 2, 2022, HazelLovesNick said:


  5. On Feb 2, 2022, HazelLovesNick said:


  6. On Feb 1, 2022, Danielle diecidue said:

    Excited for it

  7. On Jan 19, 2022, ncarterssweettha said:

    Omg I can't wait . I'm so excited to hear the new song !! You are amazing nick ????

  8. On Jan 19, 2022, Lady Debbie said:

    OMG can't wait.

  9. On Jan 18, 2022, valentina ricci said:

    I'm excited to hear this new song! You are the best Nicky!!

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