Nick Dishes On Being A Dad Just In Time For Father's Day

Sun, Jun 21, 2020 at 9:00 PM by User
Nick Dishes On Being A Dad Just In Time For Father's Day
"The greatest thing is just to be in their lives, and to be able to see the first steps and first crawls. Those are the rewarding moments. The little idiosyncrasies and little things that come out of nowhere that my son will say. For me, education is extremely important, and I get an opportunity to help influence them with that."

When asked Nick about what he loved about being a father ahead of Father's Day, that was his response and anyone who follows him on social media knows all of it to be true. From playing a little baseball with son Odin to taking a stroll around the neighborhood with baby Saoirse, Carter has taken to finding all the silver linings during this pandemic, most of which include being a hands-on dad and finding creative ways to give back to his community. 

"You have to come up with unique ways to really support and give back because you're at home. You can't go anywhere. You can't do anything. A lot of that stuff is done through social media, or maybe contacting certain companies who are willing to get involved on your behalf," he continued in the same interview. You can read it in its entirety here.

Giving back isn't the only thing Nick is hoping to teach his children. Some of the traditions that Nick is passing along to his own children come from his own experiences growing up with his dad, he revealed recently to ET Canada.

"There’s new traditions I’m trying to pass onto my son, but one thing my dad loved was boating, so when things lighten up out there, I’ll definitely take him boating more. That’s something that’s part of me that’s never going to go away and was implemented by my dad," Nick said, also adding that thanks to recent DNA research, he's learned a lot about where his father, who was adopted, came from. Check out the interview for more on what he found out!
Nick rounded out the weekend by posting a few new photos of his family, thanking God for his children and wishing everyone a happy Father's Day - check them out here!
  1. On Jul 22, 2020, AMD82 said:

    So sweet & yes agreed that getting to be with your family is amazing! Ive enjoyed kinda getting to really know my son again cause i work so much i barely have the energy to just enjoy my family. Ur family is the cutest. Lauren is beautiful. So awesome u were able to fall in love & have that family u always wanted!

  2. On Jul 20, 2020, NancyJ said:

    A happy belated father's day to u guys,beautiful families of course and i wish u can come to Trinidad for a concert ????????????

  3. On Jul 15, 2020, Aryana Lee said:

    This is amazing ??

  4. On Jul 14, 2020, Nancy JANSSENS said:

    Good white DNA world tour next year i hope you coming to belguim i hope next year your biggist backstreet boy fan all 27years greatings Nancy and boyfriend ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. On Jun 22, 2020, Nick1kha said:

    Happy Fathers day Nick????????

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