Join Nick for Unplugged Events in Mexico + South America!

Sat, Feb 1, 2020 at 9:00 AM by User
Join Nick for Unplugged Events in Mexico + South America!

Nick Carter is headed back out on the DNA tour with the Backstreet Boys in less than a month and, as always, he wants to spend as much time as he can with as many fans as possible. What better way to do that than by sprinkling a few solo events in between Backstreet shows?

That's right -- Nick is bringing his guitar to South America and Mexico to serenade fans  in select cities. Not only will attendees be treated to a private acoustic set, but a meet and greet as well, where a photo will be taken with you and Nick! 

Sound good? All you have to do now is get tickets!

NICK CARTER FAN CLUB presale will take place on Monday, 2/3 @ 9am PST.


If you are not yet a fan club member, don't worry! You can purchase your membership here or here and still join in the presale on Monday.

All locations can be found and tickets can be purchased here.

We can't wait to see you!

  1. Tannia Tovar avatar

    On Feb 1, 2020, Tannia Tovar said:

    Que buen regalo para las Fans de México, lo que me duele es que dejas fuera a la ciudad de Guadalajara ????

  2. Rosane avatar

    On Feb 1, 2020, Rosane said:


  3. Amanda Pereira Silva avatar

    On Feb 1, 2020, Amanda Pereira Silva said:

    I really would like to have the pleasure of meating you, I'm your fan since my 13 years old, now I'm 36, but probably It Will be expansive and I Can't afford it, but who knows some day I Will have this especial moment with you, I'm a mom and a Dad to my daughters and I junt can't pay it!! I really love you!! I cry with some songs because they really touch my sou!! Kisses!!?????????

  4. Sonia Romero avatar

    On Feb 1, 2020, Sonia Romero said:

    Nick I beg you to read this please, I made a great effort to be able to buy Backstreet Boys VIP Meet & Greet and the only reason to buy it was you want to meet you is my dream I'm 18 years old, in Mexico it is a lot of money for only a few seconds, I would love to greet you, meet you and be at your acoustic concert but I do not have enough money spent on the other VIP please don't do this to me please, let me meet you please is my big dream !!! Please I love you so so much and I am crying that I can't be with you, please consider me????????????
    -Sonia Romero

  5. Julie Orr avatar

    On Feb 1, 2020, Julie Orr said:

    Hi Nick

  6. Analia Susana Acuña avatar

    On Feb 1, 2020, Analia Susana Acuña said:

    A las chicas de Uruguay que preguntan, vayan a events y ahí les sale una sola fecha para el unplugged que es el 9 de Marzo.

  7. MarchKute avatar

    On Feb 1, 2020, MarchKute said:

    Nick!!! COLOMBIA waiting for u, why you do this to us??
    Dying slowly churro azucarado ????

  8. CesuRomero avatar

    On Feb 1, 2020, CesuRomero said:

    Cant wait! See you soon Nick :)

  9. Viviane Ferreira avatar

    On Feb 1, 2020, Viviane Ferreira said:

    My name is Viviane, I'm 34 years old, I've been a wheelchair user and a fan for 23 years, I went to all the Shows in Rio de Janeiro, but I never managed to get close to you because of the turmoil.
    I have already tried to talk to the concert halls Jeunesse Arena (Rio de Janeiro) and Allianz Parque (São Paulo) because I am going to both shows with my companion sister. I also spoke with Live Nation and the Brazilian ticket seller and no one answers me.
    I have a rare, genetic, progressive disease, Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 2, which makes the muscles of the body and organs stop with the years, I received the treatment that costs 2 million reais a year and now I count on everyone, you and the fans in one just union, to ask you to ask me to take a picture and give you a hug. It would be a great birthday present, March 8th.

  10. Natalia Fulini avatar

    On Feb 1, 2020, Natalia Fulini said:

    Hey u! Please tel me if u will do that 8th or 9th because Montevideo has two dates!

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