Spotlight Story: BSB On Tour

Thu, Apr 4, 2019 at 6:00 PM by User
Spotlight Story: BSB On Tour

As you all know, the Backstreet Boys DNA World Tour is upon us! For last month's Spotlight Story, we asked FC members to share their best memory of a past BSB tour.

Karen shared the story of her first time seeing them (21 years ago!) and is our latest Spotlight Storyteller:

"My most iconic Nick Carter moment from a BSB tour was during their 'Backstreet's Back' tour in January of 1998. 

The boys were in track suits and they performed one of my favourite songs off of the album: 'That's The Way I Like It'! It was my first BSB concert so the whole experience was epic! We lived a few hours away so my mom bought us train tickets and booked us a room at the Skydome hotel for that night (so we'd be right at the venue - more convenient for after the show). 

I made a scrapbook back then and it is really cool to look back on now! I met fellow BSB fans in the hotel restaurant after the show and we roamed the halls in search of the guys. LOL. I have no idea what any of us would've said to the guys had we found them. I doubt 16 year old me would've been able to form any coherent thought when faced with Mr. Nick Carter!"

The DNA tour kicks off next month in Lisbon and we couldn't be more excited to hear all of your new tour experiences as well! Continue the conversation about old tour memories and check out the latest Spotlight Story opportunity here.

  1. Ilze avatar

    On Apr 8, 2019, Ilze said:

    Congratulations, Karen!! And your story is really awesome!! Well deserved! :)

  2. YUMI OMACHI avatar

    On Apr 5, 2019, YUMI OMACHI said:

    DNA WORLD TOUR starts soon, doesn't it?
    You're going to be able to go in case of lot of Japanese DNA WORLD TOUR!
    It's pleasant that you can meet Nick.
    If I'm interested in Japanese architecture, I'm waiting for a right or wrong contact.
    Email:[email protected]

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