Spotlight Story: A Thank You

Wed, Feb 27, 2019 at 6:00 PM by User
Spotlight Story: A Thank You
Spotlight Story is BACK for 2019, fanclub members! 

Despite taking a break for the holidays and, you know, a massive album release among other things, we're bringing back the monthly giveaway that allows Nick Carter FC members to share their own memories, comments, and stories based on a monthly topic given in a blog post. A story is selected and "spotlighted" in a news post (like this) and also receives some Nick merch - just for sharing your story! 

We left off before the holidays by asking fans what they were most thankful for when it comes to Nick Carter and your stories poured in - read them all here.

Gail, our featured Spotlight Storyteller this month, wrote:

"I am thankful that Nick takes the time to connect with his fans all over the world. I was so pumped when he did his All American tour turned into the All “Canadian” tour in Canada in 2016! This gave us fans a chance to meet and interact with him one on one. I gave him a gift to pass on to Odin, a special blanket that all three of my boys loved as babies and after the tour he followed me on Twitter! (LIFE MADE!!) Since then, he has interacted with me and so many other fans by liking, replying and retweeting tweets! He makes us all feel so special! Love being a NC fan and Thank You!"

Sometimes it's the little things that mean the most! Check out Gail's sweet meet and greet photos below. 

Share YOUR story in our latest topic by clicking here. Can't wait to read what you guys have to say!

  1. Ilze avatar

    On Feb 28, 2019, Ilze said:

    Congrats, Gail! And I LOVE that now there are photos with the story, as well! Makes it even nicer!
    Haven't read them all yet, but definitely loved this one! Nick is really one very special human being! Thank you, Nick!

  2. Miss clare murtagh avatar
  3. JulieOrr avatar

    On Feb 28, 2019, JulieOrr said:

    aww cute see you in Indy Nick

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