Spotlight Story: Words By Nick Carter

Tue, Sep 18, 2018 at 6:00 PM by User
Spotlight Story: Words By Nick Carter

As we all know, words are important. Sometimes it's words spoken to us, sometimes it's words we read, and sometimes it's words to a song.

And Nick has given us all of those things.

So for last month's Spotlight Story entries, we asked you to share anything that Nick Carter has said in the past that has meant something to you or has stuck with you.

SaraNickie, our featured Spotlight Storyteller, shared the following:

"I wasn't going to comment on this one because I really just couldn't choose one quote or words from him. Being a fan for over 20 years, there's been so many things I've seen and heard him say that's made me laugh, cry, or feel many different emotions. But I was discussing this spotlight topic with my best friend (we many times venture our conversations to our boys...they are the reason..I can call her my best friend after all) and we both brought up his liner notes from the Now or Never album. In that moment, I had to go to my old school CD collection, pull that album out and once again, like I did many times all those years ago, opened it up..and read it. I can still remember how I felt reading them words back then at 18 and thinking..WOW! and now to read them again so many years later...and thinking...I wonder if he still feels the same? Well that answer is clear as day... he still loves what he does and gives it his all, and he knows it makes a difference..HE has made a difference in so many of our lives.. and will continue to for as long as he keeps blessing us with his amazing talents!'ve come so far from that 22 year old kid who once wrote down his feelings in his first solo album(an album that at the time defined alot of us) and I can tell you..I WAS a fan...I'm STILL a fan..and I'll ALWAYS be a fan,and I'm proud of you..for all that you were...all that you've become..and all you're yet to still be! THANK YOU for making a difference in MY life for the last 22 years! 

For any of you who haven't read those liner notes in awhile, here you go: 

"Sometimes I wonder what it looks like through someone else’s eyes. To see the grass change colors while the seasons change. To watch as the sun slowly drifts across the blue sky until it vanishes beneath the crest of the earth. Or maybe even live in another world...a world in which life is not so fortunate, A world where the eyes that I look through see pain more than love, greed more than giving or even war over peace. Sometimes these thoughts cross my mind and when they do I realize the truth. The truth where I stand. At the age of 22 I’ve seen so many things, some good, some bad, some things that a young man should never have seen. But I did and it hit me, I have been so blessed. Blessed to do something that I love. Even blessed to be given the opportunity to make a difference. The other thing that I have learned at the age of 22 is that music is a part of everyone’s life and to be a part of something that can mean so much to someone else’s life is an honor. So thank you. You, for giving me the chance to make a difference in someone’s life. You who read this. You who listen. You know who you are. You’re my fans and without a doubt, I love you. Thank you!"

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  1. Gaia Kaos Ugoletti avatar

    On Oct 11, 2018, Gaia Kaos Ugoletti said:

    I think that “Now or Never” was a very good album, with great passion in it but also great music, which wasn’t lame like some of the commercial songs in those years. You always know how to slay, Nick.

  2. Jun avatar

    On Oct 5, 2018, Jun said:


  3. Lacy avatar

    On Oct 5, 2018, Lacy said:


  4. littledoll avatar

    On Sep 29, 2018, littledoll said:

    ps Love you Nico <3 :o)

  5. littledoll avatar

    On Sep 29, 2018, littledoll said:

    so true <3 :o)

  6. Elly Elzinga avatar

    On Sep 20, 2018, Elly Elzinga said:

    Love it! <3

  7. Shannon Link avatar

    On Sep 19, 2018, Shannon Link said:

    Love this ??????

  8. Ilze avatar

    On Sep 19, 2018, Ilze said:

    This is beautiful! Nick has definitely inspired us all in so many different ways!
    Thank you, Nick! All the love to you!

  9. JulieOrr avatar

    On Sep 19, 2018, JulieOrr said:

    Aww that's awesome Hi Nick

  10. Vero Nieva avatar

    On Sep 19, 2018, Vero Nieva said:

    Although they already said it ... the phrase that takes me to go ahead and to make decisions that cost me, is "NOW OR NEVER". is the phrase that marked me and will continue to mark my life and my day to day .. when I have to take the initiative or a decision I say inside of me .. "is now or never" thanks for making this phrase something that leads me to Go ahead and make important decisions. Thank you for marking my life and my future.

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