Wanna Hang With Nick In Buenos Aires? Here's Your Chance(s)

Mon, Sep 3, 2018 at 6:00 PM by User
Wanna Hang With Nick In Buenos Aires? Here's Your Chance(s)

Nick has touched down in Buenos Aires, Argentina after a more-than-successful start to his latest solo tour in Mexico. Never one to do just one thing at a time, Nick is also working on his upcoming solo album while he’s in town!

The coolest part? For the first time ever, he’s inviting fans to come to the studio and hang while he writes, records and goes through the process of creating his new music. You’ll be treated like one of the team with catering and drinks provided - basically, a rock star experience. Of course, you’ll get to have the day commemorated by getting a photo with Nick before you head out in the evening. You can find more details here. (If you’re interested, HURRY! This event is tomorrow, 9/4.)

That’s only the beginning of the week that Nick Carter has planned for Argentinians! Before his concert at Teatro Vorterix on Wednesday night, you can find Mr. Carter having an intimate brunch with fans at Patios De San Telmo. Back by popular demand from fans who attended similar lunch events last tour, the brunch will include a buffet, mimosas, a Q&A and meet and greet with Nick. If you’re hungry for this experience, check it out.

There’s also a limited number of VIP and Ultimate VIP left to complete your Buenos Aires Nick Carter tour experience. What are you waiting for? Make your plans ASAP (and don’t forget to share your experiences)!
  1. On Sep 7, 2018, cechi said:

    Hola Nick desde los trece años soy fan de los Backstreet Boys y de ti. Cada vez que escucho una canción tuya siento paz, alegría,en síntesis solo sentimientos buenos. Hoy tengo 38 años desde los 31 he tenido la oportunidad de conocerte a ti,a Kevin,Howie, Brian,Aj.
    Te admiro mucho,pasaste por cosas muy duras y siempre saliste adelante. Dios y los Ángeles te bendigan y a tu familia. Gracias por tu música.

  2. On Sep 6, 2018, mcecisoria said:

    Hi Nick! Was amazing know you yesterday. Thank you for the amazing show and your kidness. I love you so much!!! I ´m so happy to met you, so grateful! Hope you enjoy the show last night like me. I was near you!!!! Take care and lot of my best wishes on the rest shows.
    Besos y abrazos

  3. On Sep 4, 2018, Mjblue girl said:

    Hi Nick. Thanks for coming to Argentina. I'd like to take a picture with u for once in my life. Since I never had the opportunity to do that. But seems impossible because you just run away.... I'm not "a crazy fan" I just would like to have a picture with u just to keep it as treasure of 1 of my favorite stars....

  4. On Sep 4, 2018, ItsJess said:

    Amazing!! I’m just going to keep asking for a studio day in LA or Vegas! Pretty please?

  5. On Sep 4, 2018, Florencia Camila said:

    Nick bienvenido a Buenos Aires.Como quisiera tener la oportunidad de conocerte,Ya tengo mi entrada para el concierto del miércoles.Quiero que sepas que tu música alegra mi vida desde que tengo quince años hoy tengo treinta y cuatro.Te lo agradezco de corazón.No sabes lo feliz que puedes hacer a una persona.Quisiera tener algún día la oportunidad de conocerte, sos parte de mi vida realmente.Gracias por visitar nuestro país.Florencia.

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