Spotlight Story: A Moment With Nick Carter

Fri, Aug 10, 2018 at 12:00 PM by User
Spotlight Story: A Moment With Nick Carter

A new(ish) month, a new Spotlight Storyteller!

With Nick back on tour in less than a month in Mexico and South America, we asked fanclub members to tell us about their favorite Nick moment live in concert. We love hearing all the things that have touched so many, but we could only randomly choose one and that one came from Chrissy! Read about her concert moment below.

"There are so many special moments and it's way too hard to choose. I've never had a bad meeting with Nick and when he's talking to you he always makes you feel like you're the most important person in this moment - which I appreciate so much.

Everyone is probably sick of this story but it meant the world to me when Nick took me on stage during the Berlin NKOTBSB show. I've tried getting his attention the shows before and it never worked out. I got dressed up, took forever to make signs and nothing. I got super discouraged and didn't expect it to happen anymore. The morning of the show I told my friend that I won't dress up and shortly before the show we wrote something with eyeliner on a sign - just in case.

I didn't expect anything to happen that day and they started to pick the girls and he started running to the back of the arena and I was in the opposite direction....until I felt a commotion close to where I was standing. He said something along the lines of "She had a sign" and I started waving mine until 2 girls stepped infront of me and blocked me...but he gave me his hand and I only remember yelling at my friend to take my purse and that's it. She didn't even see him approaching so was super surprised to find me "yelling" at her.

Nick was super sweet, took my glasses and just made the whole experience special. Afterwards I didn't even find my spot anymore because I was on cloud nine!

It just means a lot when he calls me by my name or realizes that I was patiently waiting for something and not pushing through the crowd to get to him. I love the way he is around his fans and how special he tried to make each and every one of us feel.

But I won't ever forgive Nick for looking better in my glasses than I could ever dream of. Plus he did the dance moves to I'll never break your heart in them - which must've been tough since I really have my glasses for seeing purposes!"

If you want to be next month's Spotlight Storyteller, check out the new topic here. Can't wait to hear your stories!

  1. littledoll avatar

    On Aug 18, 2018, littledoll said:


  2. Lisbeth Adams avatar

    On Aug 15, 2018, Lisbeth Adams said:

    linda historia :) Felicidades!!

  3. sbkkb avatar

    On Aug 11, 2018, sbkkb said:

    Congratulations Chrissy! I loved reading your story!

  4. Mayra Paola avatar

    On Aug 10, 2018, Mayra Paola said:

    Hace 2años pude ir al concierto y conocer a Nick por primera vez en Guadalajara.. Lo seguí asta su hotel. No logre verlo .pero este año soy tan afortunada que podré verlo abrazarlo..tenerlo a centímetros de mi...(M&G y ticket VIP) después de 23 añ de mis sueños Se hará realidad....gracias @nickcarter por regresar a Guadalajara..por ser parte de mi vida al igual que los otros bsb y hacer que mi sueño tan anhelado Se haga realidad...

  5. Ilze avatar

    On Aug 10, 2018, Ilze said:

    Chrissy!!! Congratulations!! So glad, such lovely story one this month!!!

  6. Danny Carter avatar

    On Aug 10, 2018, Danny Carter said:

    its always good to see the guys.... for sure nick is my endless love... but on the now or never tour i get tickets in a high place... when i get to the teather the ticket place show me 3 options... and 1 was on the first line!!! so i buy 2 more ahhaha
    other special moment was 3 years ago in guadalajara i go with my mom and my niece they listen the bsb since forever!! so look them singing Nick's songs and having fun was great... in that show i buy my first M&G with him... its was amazing!!!!
    and the 3 special moment was last december in moon palace cancun i go alone to see the boys i buy one M&G and i win another M&G thanks to facebook and moon palace.... so the guys sign one tattoo that i have for them.... the next day i go to a tattoo shop!!! i have their signatures!!! was amazing moment....
    so next month will see whats new with the love of my life ahahha in going with my niece this time only ... the only thing now its im waiting to save more money for the M&G ahahah
    The guys and Nick... they are in my life for 23 amazing years!!!!!

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