Spotlight Story: Cruise Memories To Last A Lifetime

Thu, Jun 7, 2018 at 10:00 PM by User
Spotlight Story: Cruise Memories To Last A Lifetime

Can you believe it has been just over a month since the epic 2018 Backstreet Boys cruise? From pirates to Spice Boys, it was definitely one for the books!

Every BSB cruise so far has been full of memorable moments and amazing performances, so when we asked you to share your favorite Nick moment from past cruises, it’s not surprise that so many of you had great ones. So many, in fact, that we let this Spotlight Story topic stay for two months and picked two featured Spotlight Storytellers, who both just happened to share personal months from the last cruise.

“My favorite Nick cruise moment just happened on the 2018 cruise. I’ve been lucky enough to have cruised since 2013 but I’ve never quite had a one on one moment by myself with Nick without others around until this cruise. On the last night of the cruise, I had been waiting for a good spot before the deck party was set to start. I slipped away for a few minutes while my roommates watched my spot to head back to my room to set my luggage outside. As I headed to my room, I literally ran into Nick in the hallway and the only other person with him was Mike. I couldn’t believe my eyes that there were no fans following him around! I was able to chat with him for a few. I didn’t bring my phone with me so I wasn’t able to snag photographic proof and worried my friends wouldn’t believe that I actually ran into Nick. I asked if he would come to the area me and my friends were in at some point during the last deck party to get photos and he said of course, even though I was sure he was just saying that to be polite. Later on in the night, he made good on his word and I was able to snag a pic with him as Baby Spice! To me, this was kind of the moment I only wished I could have - randomly running into my favorite Backstreet Boy when I least expected it! It was a great way to end the cruise.” - Allie

“The 2018 was my very first cruise and was the first time actually meeting the guys. The whole cruise was an amazing experience and so exciting especially waiting to see what nick would be wearing for each deck party. He pulled off every single one perfectly. My favorite being Baby Spice. But my completely favorite memory is the actual meet and greet. I was so nervous as the line got closer and closer to the lads. Seeing nick smiling and hugging everyone made my heat beat faster. Finally, after all these years, I would be standing in front of him speaking to him personally. When it was finally our group to move forward I really felt like my heart would burst through my chest I walked forward towards nick and he smiled at me. I lost everything out of my mind I was going to say. His hug was the best I have ever had and I managed to get out I was from New Zealand and they better be coming back there soon. He smiled again and said he sure hoped they did too. As we got ready for the photo I gained more confidence when I realized this could be the only chance I may get so I turn to him and said can I hug you please. He grinned at me and said go for it darling. So I wrapped my arms around him. It turned out to be a perfect picture. Thank you so much for this experience, Nick. I am sure you must get sick of doing meet and greets so much but yet you still made me feel special.” - BSBsKiwiGirl

Those are some pretty special moments! We love all of the selfies, stories and videos you’ve shared and we’d LOVE for you to keep posting them so we can all relive the best of times.

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  1. Ilze avatar

    On Jun 29, 2018, Ilze said:

    Love these stories!! Nick is really the sweetest and always great to his fans!

  2. JulieOrr avatar

    On Jun 8, 2018, JulieOrr said:

    I'll have to catch the next Miami cruise see you in Knoxville Nick ????

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