LISTEN: The Backstreet Boys Have Dropped A Hot New Single

Thu, May 17, 2018 at 9:00 PM by User
LISTEN: The Backstreet Boys Have Dropped A Hot New Single

It’s been less than 24 hours since the Backstreet Boys dropped their first single in 5 years, but they are definitely making up for lost time.

“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”, an upbeat radio-friendly jam, features Nick Carter on the opening verse before moving into the five part harmony that the group has always been known for. Within minutes of the new song becoming available in different parts of the world, fans began posting their reactions on social media and #DontGoBreakingMyHeart quickly became a trending topic on Twitter worldwide. In fact, it remained the #1 trending topic in several countries.

The success hasn’t stopped there.  “Don’t Go..” is also topping the iTunes charts, hanging steadily at #1 in the U.S. and Canada, gaining radio airplay across the country, and being praised as a “banger” by news media outlets. Much described it as “a single that is deserving of an ascension to the top of the charts. So. Freaking. Good.” Judging by the day’s success, we think it’s pretty safe to say that most people share the same sentiment.

And did we mention the OVER 2 million views that the music video received today (also in less than 24 hours)? The video, produced by Rich + Tone, features the Boys hitting some fresh new choreography (that of which Nick made it no secret that he had been pushing for) in front of eye-catching backlit walls with camera angles that feature them in the best ways. If you haven’t watched it yet, make sure to catch it below!

What do you think of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”? Sound off in the comments below!

You can find everything you need about where to purchase / stream the single here.

(Psst! If you’re in or around the L.A. area, you’ll also want to check this out before it’s gone in two weeks.)

  1. Amber S. Ordaz avatar

    On May 22, 2018, Amber S. Ordaz said:

    I love this song. I specifically play this song just for you Nick. I can heard your voice when you are singing this new song that was released on May 17th and the first performance was Saturday night at Planet Hollywood for the concert on May 19th in Las Vegas! I love you Nick a lot more!

  2. JulieOrr avatar

    On May 18, 2018, JulieOrr said:

    Congrads to the #1 hit Nick !!! I'm so happy for you and the guys could not happen to any one better proud to be a fan see you in Knoxville xoxo much love Julie Orr PS you look hotter than Ever ;)

  3. Ash Lynn avatar

    On May 18, 2018, Ash Lynn said:

    Can we all just talk about how HOT Nick is in this video? Omfg.
    The choreography was FANTASTIC. They absolutely nailed it and looked quite well while doing it, if you ask me! I'm in love with the song too! The first time I heard it, I honestly wasn't crazy about it. But the more I listened to it, the more I was like YASSS, THIS IS THE SHIT! It's now officially my new jaymm.

  4. AngelaK avatar

    On May 18, 2018, AngelaK said:

    Multitasking is fun when it involves @aaroncarter @aj_mclean @backstreetboys #DEAD7 #DONTGOBREAKINGMYHEART #LøVëAlbum @nickcarter congratulations

  5. littledoll avatar

    On May 18, 2018, littledoll said:

    Nick ps before going to sleep I do love the face expressions <3 :o)

  6. littledoll avatar

    On May 18, 2018, littledoll said:

    Goodnight Mr N Carter <3 I love you more than words

  7. littledoll avatar

    On May 18, 2018, littledoll said:

    Love it to the max <3

    Backstreet Boys’ New Single: New Dance Rave

    Who is with me? The Backstreet Boys dropped their new single in time for the celebration of their 25th anniversary as the song comes with a dance music video. Am I the only one who, in every sense of the word had sweat drops while we watched?

    Not only is “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” a love song but it becomes fused with electronic beats. They are not youngsters anymore but middle life has given rejuvenation to the choreographed moves the boys got goin’ on. It feels being driven back in time when clubs never felt so good and strut it on the floor to dance.

    The introduction itself with the romantic words will certainly catch you. The tempo with the way it ascends on a rhythmic tune still maintains the harmonic voices that Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ and Nick blend so well together. The melodic cravings you will have, not just gives eargasms, but gives the heart the thumps to dance with the one you love. Exaggerating? Obviously not! It isn’t like the typical funky beats you hear currently that DJs normally play.

    The Backstreet Boys delivered new vibes and dance poses that makes the point on what the song speaks of. Although, has dizzying effect but nevertheless, the direction the music video goes has the right crescendo time with a wavy feel to narrate the story as it shows.

    Overall: When it comes to best talent? Get Ready fanmania! The Backstreet Boys will, without a doubt, climb the charts once more: 110 % out of 100.

  8. LIZ A WADE avatar

    On May 18, 2018, LIZ A WADE said:

    Pure Brillance is an understatement! You Boys have had and always will have my heart since day one! LOVE LOVE LOVE to infinity!!! Nick you are defining "Sexy Fierce"! Love u and the boys so much and this song deserves every possible award out there and then some!

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