Spotlight Story: A Song Means Everything

Mon, Apr 9, 2018 at 7:00 PM by User
Spotlight Story: A Song Means Everything

Another month, another Spotlight Story. This particular subject was a hot issue for a lot of you with many fans not being able to pick JUST one song. Nick even popped in the thread this month to let everyone know how much he loved hearing your feedback. You can continue the conversation here.

This month's Spotlight Storyteller is Deyanira Santana, who shared why her favorite song, "Second Wind", means so much to her. 

"As much as I love ALL of his songs, and never really thought I would have a favorite, once I heard “Second Wind” on the All American album, that instantly became my favorite NC song. It made me think of the time back in 2005 when I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, which is a form of cancer. After having chemotherapy and radiation, I was blessed enough to be in remission a year later. When I heard the part of the song, it took me right to that time, and made so many of the things I worried about seem so small. I even went and got a tattoo of a part of the song which was “All my biggest worries, mean nothing. Don’t need them anymore. Cuz out here on the ocean, I’m floating... I left them on the shore” I only tattooed “all my biggest worries ..... I left them on the shore”. It’s just a daily reminder of how small things are realistically when we seem to think they’re so unmanageable."

We are so happy to hear that you're in remission, Deyanira! Thank you for sharing your story.

Keep an eye on the forum for the next Spotlight Story topic. We can't wait to hear more stories.

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    On Apr 12, 2018, littledoll said:

    Congrats! But most importantly in having overcome the battle and still live as a living testament. More than second wind, you've got the wings to fly high and above to overcome it.

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