Spotlight Story: What Moment Are You Most Thankful For?

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Spotlight Story: What Moment Are You Most Thankful For?

Spotlight Story is a new feature for Nick Carter Fan Club members to share their stories, memories and comments about Nick with other fans for a chance to be featured in the News section for the month and win some NC swag.

Each month, a new topic will be posted in the FC forum and all you have to do is share your story! 

With November being a month for giving thanks, we invited fans to share what Nick project and / or moment they were most thankful for.  The response was overwhelming as fanclub members shared everything from moments, to how his book helped them in their own lives, to music and more.

We loved all of them and, while it was hard to pick just one, BBCarterClan is our featured Spotlight Storyteller for the month! We loved hearing about how Nick made her sister's first VIP experience a great one and how appreciative she was for that moment. 

"Besides being EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for every song, every album, every tweet, every single moment I shared with him,the moment I am most grateful for happened the night of my All Access at the 'Nick & Knight' tour. 

It was my first experience of that kind, but I kind of knew what to expect, but not my sister. I brought her with me for this time in Canada - we flew all the way from Italy for it. You have to know that my sister is 7 years older than me, and back in the day, she was a hardcore NKOTB fan. Her favorite was Jordan. So, when I heard about the collaboration between Nick and Jordan, I knew it would have been the perfect time to share a wonderful memory with my sister. 

It all started amazing. We were thrilled, but my sister was even particularly nervous. 
It was the last day of the tour, and you know that with the All Access you basically had the opportunity to share some time with them in the dressing room. Jordan wasn't in a particularly great mood and I'm sure he was pretty tired (you know last day of the tour, traveling non-stop and all). He wasn't paying too much attention to my sister and she was pretty bummed. I mean, she was meeting him for the first time she had expectations of course like we all do when we first meet our idols.

I don't know how,but Nick kinda sensed that she was feeling kind of down. Nick saw what was happening,and he kind of knew. And he did EVERYTHING in his power to make her feel better. He tried to involve her, hugging her, feeding her (lol), making her laugh. Like seriously HE DID EVERYTHING he could. I just know he kinda knew. 

I don't know how,but he felt that she needed that at that very moment.

And I couldn't feel more proud of him. I couldn't feel more proud of the person he is and of the person I DELIBERATELY chose to idolize. 

I'm actually crying sharing this story, because my sister is THE MOST important person in the world to me and he treated her soooo nicely, my heart was full of love and proud. I talk about Nick to my sister all the time, telling her my memories with him,and I was so happy she could actually witness what i always say about him.

He's just this INCREDIBLY TALENTED WORLDWIDE FAMOUS artist, who treats EVERYONE so nicely. 

And the fact that even when he's tired as hell,and he's not at his best,he gives ANYWAY his 200%. He will ALWAYS make you feel like you're the most special person in the entire world.
That's DEFINITELY another thing that makes me realize I will always be a loyal, proud fan of this guy."

We love hearing about your All Access experience and how thankful you are for Nick making your sister's experience a great one, Barbara! Thanks for sharing.

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  1. Amber S. Ordaz avatar

    On Dec 24, 2017, Amber S. Ordaz said:

    This is really great!

  2. Justine Shumate avatar

    On Dec 8, 2017, Justine Shumate said:

    I haven't had the chance to meet Nick Carter yet , but I know one day I will. I am thankful to him for his music , his passion on and off the stage . His energy , his nerdy side . I love the way he sings , and the way makes love to the camera . I am so happy to be a Nick Carter Girl for 21 years . From the first time I saw him on tv to now ...... Nick if you read this ( I hope you do ) I love you

  3. Lacy avatar

    On Dec 7, 2017, Lacy said:

    Great memory, Barb!

  4. Ash Lynn avatar

    On Dec 7, 2017, Ash Lynn said:

    This is such an amazing story! Nick is such a sweet guy. This is just another addition to the ongoing list of reasons why I love him dearly! I hope I can have the opportunity to experience this one day.

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