What's Next For Nick Carter? Check It Out!

Sun, Nov 19, 2017 at 10:00 PM by User
What's Next For Nick Carter? Check It Out!

Just as 2016 was a record year for Nick, 2017 has been one for the Backstreet Boys. From a country collaboration with Florida Georgia Line to selling out their cruise a year in advance to hanging out with Steve Aoki, the group has been unstoppable. Their most notable achievement this year, however, has been the record-breaking residency that they’ve been holding at the Axis Theater in Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

This weekend marked the end of the Larger Than Life Vegas shows for 2017 (but not before adding a surprise temporary 6th member), but have no fear – it’s definitely not the last you’ll see of Nick this year. Check out everywhere you can see Nick Carter (and the Backstreet Boys) through the end of the year below.

Drop The Mic – November 21st // TBS @ 10:30/9:30pm CST (Previously Recorded)

95.1 Kissmas Concert - December 5th // Charlotte, NC

Jingle Bash – December 7th // Chicago, IL

Jingle Ball North – December 9th // Toronto, ON (Airing on CTV)

WZPL Jingle Jam – December 12th // Indianapolis, IN

102.7 Fresh Holiday Jam – December 13th // New York City, NY

All Star Christmas – December 16th // Hartford, CT

Backstreet Boys in Cancun – December 29th and 30th // Cancun, Mexico

You can find tickets for these events here, but hurry! Some events are selling out quickly or have already sold out. Oh, and did we forget to mention that Nick is also working on new solo material?

Also, don’t forget that the bidding for Nick’s donated art piece begins in just a few hours! The online Big Heart artcrawl is being held by Longfield Care in Gloucestershire to raise money for the ‘Art For Health’ groups in their community. To read more and find the direct link to the eBay auction, which will run until November 30th, click here.

Nothing will get you in the holiday spirit though quite like the newest addition to the NC store though! If you haven’t already purchased the Nick Carter ‘Believe’ Holiday Sweatshirt, don’t miss out (it’s not a bad gift for your friends either). It IS beginning to look a lot like Nickmas, you know…

Headed to any of these events or still high on your Vegas memories? Be sure to share them with us in the Nick Carter FC ASAP!

  1. blackcat9 avatar

    On Dec 20, 2017, blackcat9 said:

    I would have liked to watch the show in Las vegas, but it's just too far away and too expensive to travel to Las Vegas from Germany. Maybe the German fans will soon have something of BSB again.

  2. Ash Lynn avatar

    On Dec 7, 2017, Ash Lynn said:

    I would LOVE to go see them in NYC, but I just don't think I'll have the money because, adult life got me handing over my money to everyone else.

  3. MoonStar avatar

    On Nov 21, 2017, MoonStar said:

    Also would be nice if Nick could work out something to come to the Phoenix convention center like a Walker Stalker type thing. Would be great. Hint hint .

  4. MoonStar avatar

    On Nov 21, 2017, MoonStar said:

    I tried to bid on his painting and for some reason they won't allow people from another state to bid on it . I'm pretty sure if this can be changed there will be a lot more bids on it . Just an fyi .

  5. Krazy4bsb avatar

    On Nov 21, 2017, Krazy4bsb said:

    So excited to see Nick in Chicago! And Indy if I can make it work still. Taking my kids again. Too bad no M&G though. That would be an amazing Christmas Gift for my girls (and to me. Who am I kidding?) And I am so excited for new solo music too! Nick is the "season" that keeps on giving Hahahaha. And we fans love it. Keep it coming Nick. We can't wait to see what you do next! Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  6. Amber S. Ordaz avatar

    On Nov 20, 2017, Amber S. Ordaz said:

    That is fantastic Nick is working on more solo music for him also.

  7. Babydoll22 avatar

    On Nov 20, 2017, Babydoll22 said:

    Ecstatic for new solo music Nick is fire so amazing in everything so incredibly talented love him proud fan4Ever in South Carolina woohoo

  8. lil_miss_kaos88 avatar

    On Nov 20, 2017, lil_miss_kaos88 said:

    I’m so excited for the new solo album!
    I’ll be seeing him one more time this year when the guys come to nyc for the Christmas show 12.13 ! Then I’ll be seeing him in Vegas in February ! I can’t wait!!!

  9. Tomoko Nishioka avatar

    On Nov 20, 2017, Tomoko Nishioka said:

    No more Nick in Asia for 2017 :(( Nevertheless, I’m so excited about the solo album he is making! ???? I can’t wait to hear what he has in store.

  10. JulieOrr avatar

    On Nov 20, 2017, JulieOrr said:

    Hi Nick see you in Indy ;)

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