Nick Carter Spends A Busy Weekend in Atlanta With A Few Hundred Fans

Sun, Oct 29, 2017 at 6:00 PM by User
Nick Carter Spends A Busy Weekend in Atlanta With A Few Hundred Fans

Nick Carter hasn't performed a show or made an appearance in Atlanta, Georgia since the 2014 Nick and Knight tour, but that all changed this weekend. 

Arriving Friday afternoon, Nick was met with fans waiting to meet him, take selfies, get autographs, and have photos made at Walker Stalker Con, one of the largest zombie conventions in the world. Nick has been making appearances at such conventions since 2016 with the release of his zombie western, Dead 7. This weekend has definitely been the biggest turn out so far, with fans coming from as far as Italy, Belgium, and Germany for facetime with the Backstreet Boy.

Speaking of Backstreet Boys, after his Friday con appearance, Nick traveled a few minutes north to join the rest of the group for their headlining performance at Q100's QTOPIA, alongside acts such as Flo Rida and Fergie. Crowds waited anxiously for the Boys to take the stage and were not disappointed when Nick, along with Kevin, Brian, Howie and AJ, brought a piece of their hit Vegas show down South. You can find photos from the performance and other QTOPIA media here.

If that wasn't enough, Carter headed back to Walker Stalker on Saturday to spend all day with the few hundred fans who, at one point, were waiting an hour in line just for a few moments with him. Those few moments, though, were well spent as Nick took time with each fan to learn names, use snapchat filters for selfies, and record videos for a few lucky fans who weren't there (by request of their friends who were). This is all in between doing a professional photo op with attendees (which sold out early) and doing a live interview on the WSC stage, where he discuss his Halloween plans plus a future movie idea, which you can listen to here

If you were there this weekend, we want to hear your stories and see your photos! Comment photo links in the comments, tell your story in a blog, or chat with other fans who were there in the forum. We know you have them.

This all comes on a weekend that is significant in Nick Carter history as today marks the 15th anniversary of the release of his first solo record, Now Or Never. Can you believe it? Discuss your favorite tracks and NoN memories on the anniversary blog in the FC. 

Next up? Vegas, of course, and Christmas shows in Indianapolis, Toronto, Connecticut, New York City, Chicago. Be there.

(Photo: Q100 Atlanta)

  1. Amber S. Ordaz avatar

    On Nov 6, 2017, Amber S. Ordaz said:

    Nick took really great pictures with fans in Atlanta. I have seen some of the pictures he took with fans also. I couldn't go to Atlanta at all because I had an appt. in Denver, CO on Friday the 27th this year in another city since I live in Colorado.

  2. CayaCrosswhite avatar

    On Nov 2, 2017, CayaCrosswhite said:

    I got to meet him for the first time Saturday at it was amazing. He's so laid back, easy to talk to and super sweet!! Hoping I get to meet him again soon and praying he comes back next year!

  3. littledoll avatar

    On Oct 31, 2017, littledoll said:

    My fave pic is the fanmily pic with Nick and the fans on the great bonding time they've had. Also, loved seeing the vidclips when Nick says the sweetest stuff just melts you and makes you remember why you love him in the first place <3

  4. Shannon Link avatar

    On Oct 30, 2017, Shannon Link said:

    It was absolutely the best weekend ever!!! Friday night was awesome!! Was in the pit and was so close!!! I got to meet some of the girls I always talk to??????My video and pics are kinda blurry lol cause I was singing and dancing but thats ok!! I didn’t get to go to WSC. I could only go on Sunday and he had to cancel but life happens!!! Thank you so much for the best weekend ever????????

  5. Babydoll22 avatar

    On Oct 30, 2017, Babydoll22 said:

    Proud fan4Ever I wish I was there lots of love support always for incredible wonderful handsome Nick fan4Ever in South Carolina I love seeing the pics I'm hoping someday I get to meet him hes the best and I love him

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