Spotlight Story: What Has Been Your Favorite Nick Carter TV Moment?

Tue, Sep 5, 2017 at 6:00 PM by User
Spotlight Story: What Has Been Your Favorite Nick Carter TV Moment?

 Spotlight Story is a new feature for Nick Carter Fan Club members to share their stories, memories and comments about Nick with other fans for a chance to be featured in the News section for the month and win some NC swag.

Each month, a new topic will be posted in the FC forum and all you have to do is share! 

We loved having Nick back on TV every week on Boy Band, but there are so many classic television moments in the past 24 years, so we asked you to share your faves this month.

AUGUST TOPIC: What Has Been Your Favorite Nick Carter TV Moment?

Winner: Jennifer (With a MAJOR throwback)

"My favourite Nick Carter TV moment is from 1997. Backstreet Boys were releasing their self-titled debut album (the one we know as Backstreet's Back in Canada) and were doing a Virgin Megastore performance. Rick the Temp from MuchMusic was there interviewing the guys, and he asked about what kind of girl they go for, and since Nick had said very little during the interview, Rick goes over to Nick to ask. Well, first Nick ducks out of view because he's so embarrassed to be singled out on the question, but I can still remember his answer (mostly because I tried to emulate it so I would be his dream girl when we would finally meet... alas, that wasn't quite meant to be). He says, 'Type of girl, um, just someone who's kind, like, from the heart, someone who loves you for you, someone who can put up with what you do... And sometimes good looks do come in handy.'"

Can we get a huge 'awwww'?

Watch Jennifer's favorite TV moment below and read more favorite TV moment entries here.

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  1. Babydoll22 avatar

    On Oct 7, 2017, Babydoll22 said:

    Awww he's adoreable amazing the best love him fan 4Ever in South Carolina woohoo

  2. sbkkb avatar

    On Sep 7, 2017, sbkkb said:

    Congratulations Jennifer! I loved that special! I had it taped so I watched it over and over. I loved revisiting it in your spotlight story!

  3. Krazy4bsb avatar

    On Sep 6, 2017, Krazy4bsb said:

    Awwww.I remember that video. Looks like he found what he was looking for in Lauren. So precious. I love it. That's definitely an amazing throwback. Congrats Jennifer!

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