Dallas, TX

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10/20/12 Time TBA
703 McKinney Ave
Dallas , TX 75202
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  1. Linseyr avatar

    On Dec 19, 2012, Linseyr said:

    I still haven't seen mine either!

  2. sotygrl avatar

    On Nov 25, 2012, sotygrl said:

    i was wondering when the rest of the pictures of the meet and greet will be up. i got this package for my sister and shes being waiting for a long time for her picture. i dont think its right that her picture is not up there even tho she got the vip package

  3. Linseyr avatar

    On Oct 30, 2012, Linseyr said:

    Why are only some of the pictures up?? Of course mine isn't one!

  4. Lana avatar

    On Oct 26, 2012, Lana said:

    awww its okay eddie! we know that you are busy!! we are just anxious as usual! lol

  5. eddie avatar

    On Oct 25, 2012, eddie said:

    sorry ladies, been traveling. i will get em up asap

  6. Lana avatar

    On Oct 23, 2012, Lana said:

    Eddie said later on this evening when I tweeted him. Im thinking that they will be under sthe summer 2012 meet and greets unless he makes another folder for them but they hopefully will be under photos

  7. Linseyr avatar

    On Oct 23, 2012, Linseyr said:

    Where will they be?

  8. Lana avatar

    On Oct 22, 2012, Lana said:

    Im hoping soon! Usually eddie has them up within a few adys but im dying to see mine so I am hoping by the end of today he will have them up!

  9. Lana avatar

    On Oct 22, 2012, Lana said:

    Im hoping it will be soon. Usually eddie has them up within a few days so Im hoping very very soon..like TODAY!!! lol

  10. Linseyr avatar

    On Oct 22, 2012, Linseyr said:

    I was wondering the same thing!

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