1. PopKidNick Streams 11/21/22

    Sun, Nov 22, 2020 at 2:20 PM acame003 7 Comments

    OMG last night on twitch Nick Carter gave his fans a backstage look at the recording process of his new solo album from the studio. I totally loved the experience because it was very personal and emotional! I am loving the new sound for the new album. I can not wait to hear the finished product of the songs we got to hear! Thank you Nick taking us with you for the experience!

  2. I know there was a lot of confusion about the fan club member Twitch stream from in the studio and that a lot of you ended up missing it, but have no fear, because you can watch it HERE: Please remember to not share it outside of the fan club. Thank you!

  3. Hi babes! As you all know, the Twitch stream tomorrow (Sunday, 11/22) is open to Tier 3 subscribers AND FC members. Please sign up here if you plan on watching: You will need to log in to your Twitch account and we will handle the rest!

  4. I recently be active on Twitter and I got a like and a comment from the one and only Nick Carter from his PopKidNick page this made me beyond so happy and made my day! Thank you Nick Carter for showing the love! You put a really Huge smile on face by responding back and having liked. my comment!

  5. The Masked Singer: Crocodile

    Thu, Nov 19, 2020 at 10:30 AM Rosy_kaos 2 Comments

    In october the new season of THE MASKED SINGER began and among the many masks there is a crocodile dressed in pink... on the various groups on fb they begin to comment that this crocodile is Nick... there who is sure and others who is not impossible. I watch the video and the voice is unmistakable... the passion at every single word and dance step and then there is the HEART that says it is him...

  6. Nick dream

    Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 7:06 PM Ilze 3 Comments

    Hi everyone! Have you missed me? lol Just wanted to log in and realised I have to renew my membership! I was just commenting on blogs two days ago! lol How have you been doing? It's so hard to focus on good things and I'm sure we all miss Nick a lot. This morning I woke up with a big smile on my face! Yes, I was dreaming about Nick and better times. The pandemic was probably over....

  7. Hi Everyone! My friends and I run a podcast called "Boy Band Break". It's a weekly podcast with new episodes every Sunday. We talk about many 90s/00s Boy Bands, but since BSB are our fave, it's usually about them. To finish off the Halloween season, the team decided to do something we've been talking about for awhile for this week's podcast. Interviewing Lou Pearlman...from beyond the...

  8. Last Night On PopKid Nick

    Wed, Oct 28, 2020 at 8:21 PM acame003 4 Comments

    So Last Night I tuned into Nick Carters/PopKidNick Twitch for his live stream and I was beyond speechless when I saw that my design was featured in the collage behind him! I don't have enough words to express how happy I was to see that it featured thank you Nick Carter for showing your fans some love even if we weren't all winners! I look forward to seeing some more art contests in the future!

  9. OMG so a few weeks ago back on October 11th to be exact Nick Carter/Popkid Nick was on twitch doing one of his streams and he picked me to add to his Blizzard Friend’s List so we can play some Overwatch! I was so beyond happy and excited that couldn’t believe it actually happened I even have the video to prove it! Thank you to my favoriate Backstreet Boy for picking me and adding me to...

  10. OMG yes my Sunday night has just been made and I am thrilled I just recieved my first like on a comment by no other than our Nick Carter/popkidnick’s instagram when I commented on his post regarding his twitch stream scheduled for Tuesday night! Thank you for making my night!