1. Fan Club Suggestions?

    Wed, Apr 25, 2018 at 3:13 AM Sara Taylor 3 Comments
    Sara Taylor avatar

    A few weeks ago, Nick asked YOU GUYS what other perks you'd like to see in the future in the FC. Since the forum will be gone, I'm adding the suggestions here. Feel free to make more suggestions in the comments! SUGGESTIONS "You were talking about a game for the fanclub once, maybe do something with Steam and this website, I was wondering if you ever tried to figure...

  2. Sara Taylor avatar

    Nick posted a thread in the forum last year inviting fans to ask questions and he would stop by and answer every now and then. With the forum going away, we wanted to "save" the questions that have already been answered and give you an opportunity to continue to ask more! Have questions for Nick? Leave them in the comments! Helllloooo beautiful people, I wanted to make sure...

  3. Sara Taylor avatar

    Welcome to April / May Spotlight Story! If you don't know the basics yet, you can read about it here . Every beginning of the month, there will be a new thread pinned to the top of the forum in the ‘Nick Carter’ section (like this one) and each month will have a new topic. We ask you to take this topic and share your ‘story’ with all of us. Post your stories and feel free to...

  4. Sara Taylor avatar

    Hello Everyone! Just an FYI, as of Wednesday, April 25th, the Nick Carter Fan Club forum will be going away. If there is anything you would like to "keep" from the forum, be sure to take screenshots or whatever you may want to do before the middle of this week. I will be working to move Spotlight Story and Nick's Ask Me Anything Thread here to the Blog section. From here on out,...

  5. AngelaK avatar

    Out of all the Backstreet Boys but Nick is by far my favorite I struggle with anxiety cerebral palsy depression and hopefully the @backstreetboys my favorites and most relatable to me @nickcarter @aj_mclean in particular will follow me or something one day because I love them I support them and I can relate to them I love them very muchYou see when I was 17 years old I tried to kill myselfA...

  6. Tomorrow!

    Thu, Apr 19, 2018 at 11:15 PM Analia Susana Acuña 1 Comments
    Analia Susana Acuña avatar

    I am so excited for tomorrow. Is the day that I have been waiting FOR YEARS! I am going to be in a plane for the next 9 hours, to finally made my dream come true. United States pf America I am gonna meet you soon.

  7. Analia Susana Acuña avatar

    I will start this blog about telling all of you that I am so excited for my trip to USA. This is something really special for me... Is my first trip outisde my country (Argentina).. Well last year I went to Chile for the first time (awesome place with great people), but USA was a dream fo mer since I was 14 years old, so basically I am making my dream come true.. At the moment I am...

  8. AngelaK avatar

    April is National Child Abuse Prevention and Sexual Assault Awareness Month I've been through my share of bad relationships in my life I also struggle with muscle spasms anxiety depression low self-confidence low self-esteem several palsy not to mention countless surgeries I use a wheelchair so it's difficult for me to travel although I've been a Carter supporter for over 25 years andI've had...

  9. AngelaK avatar

    I would love to meet/see NickCarter ???? however it is difficult for me to travel although I still have hope I will meet him someday

  10. AngelaK avatar

    Nick I am trying everything I can to get your attention I just want to thank you for saving my life I would love if you could give me a a follow or something so I can explain Check out Angela Kline (@ACNCarter4ever): Or

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