1. Nick and Sharna will be dancing together on the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars , but what will their team name be? 
  2. Wow…so much going on, but I’m so excited for all of it. It’s been a crazy 2 years with Backstreet since the release of our IN A WORLD LIKE THIS album, starting with our star on the Walk of Fame to touring the world.  We finally just finished up our world tour in South America in June and since then I’ve been busy working on a lot of stuff I’m passionate about like my...
  3. The entire cast of Dancing With The Stars  (Nick,included!) will be revealed tomorrow morning on  Good Morning America -  Don't miss it!
  4. After rumors circulating for a month, Nick has been confirmed as a cast member on the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars.
  5. Nick and crew are taking over Butte, MT and we have everything you need to know from this past week.
  6. Dead 7 began filming this weekend and the cast list is filling up with a number of celebs!

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