1. Ryan Seacrest gave an exclusive premiere of Nick & Knight's first single "One More Time" over at Along with the premiere is a interview with Jordan Knight talking about the new music he's done with Nick. Take a listen to the track on !
  2. Nick & Knight have just released a new single! "One More Time" is the second song to be released from their upcoming collaboration, and it is available for purchase now! iTunes Amazon The Nick & Knight album is due out September 2, and you can pre-order it at .
  3. It was very hard to choose between all of your fantastic work. I know that you put so much time in and I thank you for that. Unfortunatley there could only be..... 3 WINNERS!!  Thats right, I couldnt choose just one. I have decided to make it a draw. ( PINKY ) and ( Michelle P ) an (Jun)...
  4. In celebration of their upcoming tour and album release, Nick & Knight are inviting DJs, remixers and producers from North America to create remixes of their song “Just the Two of Us”. Musicians must use the stems provided to create their own original remix. If selected by the host, you will receive the opportunity to be the opening act at one stop of Nick &...
  5. Contest time! We're giving our members a chance to win a pair of Nick Carter VIP Upgrades* for you and a friend to hang out with Nick during the 'Nick & Knight' tour! Read the full article to find what you have to do for a chance to win.
  6. Every month I will be choosing one winner and I will be posting their Nick Carter artwork right here on the front page. All you have to do is take this picture I have posted and see how cool you can make it look. You can use photoshop or whatever program you want. If its cool enough I may even use it for the next bit of merchandise that I sell right here at Kick ass and have fun.

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