1. Due to a family emergency, Full Empire has informed us that Nick has cancelled his appearance at Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta this weekend. 
  2. Purchase your VIP upgrade for Nick's upcoming Canadian 'All American' tour? Let us sweeten the deal and give you a chance to hang out with the Ultimate VIP experience! 
  3. Despite his busy schedule, Nick took some time to answer a few questions exclusively for the site! Find out about how he feels tour is going, different events and more.
  4. The 'All American' tour is not to be missed! Don't believe us? Hear it from a fan who has attended 15+ shows in five different countries.
  5. "We're going to put together a show unlike any other show that anyone has ever seen. We're excited to bring our experience from being a touring act with all of our hits to Vegas, so that it becomes something that you'll never forget." Find out how YOU can see Nick and the rest of the Backstreet Boys in Las Vegas!
  6. While doing promoting the Backstreet Boys' new adventure with Chex Mix, Nick talked more about when we might hear their new album, what his new worry is as a dad, and what he really thinks about Britney Spears' new single. 

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