1. It’s 6pm on Saturday night in Chi-Town and Nick is giving a handful of fans the scoop on when he’s having babies, what the Backstreet Boys are up to – “We’re not in the studio yet, but we’re talking about producers and directions we can go,” – and even his favorite position – “I like them all.” Guess he isn’t kidding when he...
  2. Back in April Nick announced his tour with Jordan Knight and I was excited to be able to see the concert as I missed his last solo tour. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do his VIP and realized I couldn’t. As most know I run a fan site for Nick called and post news here on So, as you can imagine I was surprised to see Nick’s wife, Lauren messaged me...
  3. Nick Carter and Jordan Knight performed "Switch" off their new album "Nick & Knight" on The Wendy Williams Show.
  4. That smile. When Johnny “Q” Elgani smiled, that mischievous grin and twinkle in his eye could light up the darkest room or day. Last week, Nick and Lauren talked all about family, but over the years it’s BSB and their crew who have become like family to Nick – none moreso than bodyguard Q, who sadly passed away last December. In his almost six years with Lauren,...
  5. It was family that set them up and it was their shared family turmoil that initially bonded Nick and Lauren. But family has also been one of the obstacles the couple have faced in their road to wedded bliss. This week we talk to Nick and Lauren about the hurdles in their love story…
  6. It’s all about the P word on this week’s episode … prenup! But hooooooold up – how did we get from a reluctant first date to talking prenuptial agreements? It’s time to find out how Nick and Lauren fell in love…

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