1. It’s Wednesday which means we all have I Heart Nick Carter withdrawals, right?

    But let’s take a moment out of watching the wedding episode on repeat to catch up with the newlyweds about married life, future projects and, of course... babies!

  2. It’s finally here!
    After months of planning hurdles, family drama, prenup issues and tour adventures, Nick and Lauren tie the knot at Santa Barbara’s gorgeous, seaside Bacara Resort and Spa on this week’s season finale...

  3. In their 21 years as Backstreet Boys, each member has played a part in helping Nick grow into the man he is today. We already saw Howie encouraging Nick to settle down (and helping him navigate the grocery store to cook a romantic meal for Lauren!), and it was also Howie who Nick turned to following his sister Leslie’s death in 2012....

  4. We’ve all been there – a couple of weeks out from a big event, wanting to get into great shape at the last minute. As we count down to the highly-anticipated wedding episode of I Heart Nick Carter, we talk to Lauren about her pre-wedding fitness regime, why she became a health nut in the first place and what we can do to look our best for special events in our own lives. There’s no doubt that healthy living has played a significant role in Nick and Lauren’s relationship....

Nov 21 Vancouver, BC - Canada
Nov 22 Calgary, AB - Canada
Nov 22 Calgary, AB - Canada

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