1. In their 21 years as Backstreet Boys, each member has played a part in helping Nick grow into the man he is today. We already saw Howie encouraging Nick to settle down (and helping him navigate the grocery store to cook a romantic meal for Lauren!), and it was also Howie who Nick turned to following his sister Leslie’s death in 2012....

  2. We’ve all been there – a couple of weeks out from a big event, wanting to get into great shape at the last minute. As we count down to the highly-anticipated wedding episode of I Heart Nick Carter, we talk to Lauren about her pre-wedding fitness regime, why she became a health nut in the first place and what we can do to look our best for special events in our own lives. There’s no doubt that healthy living has played a significant role in Nick and Lauren’s relationship....

  3. It’s 6pm on Saturday night in Chi-Town and Nick is giving a handful of fans the scoop on when he’s having babies, what the Backstreet Boys are up to – “We’re not in the studio yet, but we’re talking about producers and directions we can go,” – and even his favorite position – “I like them all.”

    Guess he isn’t kidding when he says his solo VIPs are now more personal than ever! After hugging and kissing fans, snapping selfies, signing autographs and handing out I Heart Nick Carter shirts, Nick joins Jordan on stage for a hilarious 40-minute soundcheck, which at times feels more like watching the Nick & Knight Rehearsals Reality Show....

  4. Back in April Nick announced his tour with Jordan Knight and I was excited to be able to see the concert as I missed his last solo tour. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do his VIP and realized I couldn’t. As most know I run a fan site for Nick called kaos-online.com and post news here on NickCarter.net. So, as you can imagine I was surprised to see Nick’s wife, Lauren messaged me that she would include me in Nick’s VIP in Pittsburgh. I never expected anyone to do this for me. Just knowing that Nick and Lauren appreciate what I do for him on both sites was enough for me. Getting the opportunity to do this is something I’ll never forget. This was my first time ever doing Nick’s VIP. I could thank Lauren a hundred times for this. It was really nice of her to do this for me. 

    If you haven’t done Nick’s VIP or weren’t sure if you wanted to do it I’d recommend it! They’re not as rushed as Backstreet Boys VIPs. You get more one on one time with Nick. He makes the experience a lot more fun and personal. He gave everyone hugs as he greeted us before taking questions and you were able to introduce yourself. Nick takes the time to take two photos with fans. A selfie and a professional photo. I loved how both photos turned out. As one of the items to have him sign I took along my copy of his book "Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It" Ever since I had bought it last year I've wanted to get it signed by him. After VIP we got to see Nick along with Jordan Knight do sound check. They chatted with fans for a bit while testing their microphones and instruments and sung some of their songs.

    Ever feel like you wait forever for the day of your concert to come and it goes by fast? That's how it felt. Once the show started it seemed to go by fast. But I had a blast! The VIP and concert was one of the best times I had this year. It’s something I’ll never forget. Thanks again to Lauren Kitt Carter and to Nick. I’d like to also thank Justin Segura for your help. If I could experience this day all over again I would.

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